Mary Lipian

Mary Lipian


Mary Lipian is a California-based artist, who completed her

undergraduate degree at Yale University and subsequently earned two

graduate degrees in Psychology (at the University of California, Los

Angeles and at Boston University).  

Mary studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute; and has exhibited in France (Paris) in the United Kingdom (Eastbourne); and in the United States (San Francisco).


The art of Mary Lipian commonly generates simultaneous responses in the viewer: of comfort, yet disquiet; of resolution, yet unreconcilable conflict.  And energizing all, a human vibrancy that only such unresolved -- unresolvable -- tension can produce.

The artist's fascination with Flight -- and with ambivalence --carried forward as she developed into mature adulthood, through the study of psychology; and as her artistic vision increasingly tookform.  Airplanes soar.  Airplanes crash.  Lovers hidden in airport shadows laugh.  Lovers emerging from airport nooks and crannies cry.

Mystical, beautiful flying machines create hope; escape; shattered endings; twinkling beginnings.  Sleek, deadly machines turned to missiles facilitate the most diabolical, evil death-plans hatched by human minds in decades, as they are directed by the horror of the mind of man to fly into and destroy his most extraordinary architectural

and human accomplishments -- those very crumbled edifices once having stood proud as splendid monuments to the wonder of the mind of man.

The current exhibit of recent works of Mary Lipian (2016) captures Flight in all of its ambivalence and all of its ambivalent ambiguity.  The pieces on display exude comfort yet anxiousness; launches yet endings;

soarings that crash to the ground -- or never really leave it.  Love cloaked in bitterness.  Despair glowing in the halo of hope.


FLIGHT is a glimpse - perhaps, as captured through an airline portal- into the Flight of Imagination of an American artist.









Mary Lipian peint √† l'huile de lin, et ses peintures visent √† saisir le rythme et la pulsion des grandes villes, de Londres √† San Francisco, de New York √† Los Angeles.

 Ses peintures s’inscrivent au sein d'un espace noir. On y d√©c√®le par de rares indices, des b√Ętiments vides, avec des fa√ßades d√©saffect√©es, parcourues de signalisations au n√©on, ou des lueurs de bougies, un √©clairage estomp√© et gris√©.  Tout signe de pr√©sence int√©rieure est obscurci par des reflets de couleur qui dansent sur les fen√™tres. Le beat est omnipr√©sent.

L’observateur regarde de l'ext√©rieur vers l’int√©rieur. Cette ext√©riorit√© du point de vue se combine avec des perspectives impossibles, en y ajoutant le battement omnipr√©sent.

Les couleur sont fortes et vivantes, et chez Mary Lipian la passion de la couleur est évidente tout au long de ses travaux.

She primarily paints with oil on linen and her paintings are intended to capture the pulses of cities, from London to San Francisco to New York and Los Angeles.  The paintings are set within a film noir.  The sparse clues of a building and empty facades, often with neon signage, glow in a dimmed half-light while any sign of life inside is obscured by reflections of color dancing across the windows. The beat is omnipresent.

The perspective of the viewer is from the outside looking in. This "outsidedness" combines with frequent impossible perspectives in the paintings, further adding to the beat expressed. 

Color are bold and lively, and Mary Lipian's passion for color is evident throughout her work.

Expositions :